Verdesign founder, Giovanni Verardo represents the third generation and values of a family of furniture makers who, starting with a workshop 60 years ago, have developed furniture production to an artisan level and with international appeal.

Giovanni acquired Honours in Business economics and professional training on products in the family’s industry and subsequently accrued significant experience of commercial responsibility in important industries in the area.

In 2004, Giovanni launched the company Verdesign and has passionately directed the company ever since. In addition to coordinating collaborations with various designers, most notably Enzo Berti, he enjoys designing the company’s products, which he signs “ver_lab”.

The mission statement of Giovanni Verardo:
"My ambition is to offer furniture collections with exclusive and timeless design for people who are looking for elegant and simple features, who want objects to live, but at the same time to be passed on to others, who like real wood and genuine leather and who still appreciate the values of traditional craftsmanship. This is what we do with passion, every day, at VERDESIGN."

Proudly "Made In Italy"