In 1976 Lando Leopoldo began working in Rossano Veneto, in a small furniture business. Two years later the company "Lando Leopoldo S.n.c." was founded, which then became "Lando S.r.l." in 2000.

The Company's roots are the production of traditional Umbria and Tuscany style furniture.

In 1998, Lando's story, strongly characterised by the production of traditional furniture, meets modern expression and the company's expert carpentry skills discover the curiosity and creative research of famous designers, collaborating initially with Paola Navone to create such collections.

For more than thirty years Lando has been pursuing quality in all its aspects: quality materials, processes and designs, engaging the talents of skilled designers such as Telemarco and more recently, Enzo Berti.

The philosophy of Lando is expressed in their materials and process – selecting materials from the Veneto region: Bassano pottery, wrought iron, glass that is unique to Venice and wood that Venetian craftsmen dedicate all their passion and inborn skill to. Proudly "Made In Italy".