Cinova’s specialty is bedding and bedding accessories. A company associated with Gruppo Industralie Busnelli.

Working with high profile Italian and European designers, Cinova produce a collection of beds that feature contemporary and classic, timeless designs offering a number of sophisticated choices for a casual or formal lifestyle.

Cinova’s production strengths lie in their on-going investment, planning, craftsmanship culture and high quality technical production.

Cinova beds and night systems are made to the highest quality and comfort. Cinova pay utmost attention to the quality of materials, to the productive aspect selecting only the best raw materials and fabrics from the best Italian producers and using only European first choice leathers.

Cinova interpret the bedroom as somewhere for relaxation, harmony, beauty and soft, luxurious textures to transform the bedroom as an oasis of wellness. All Cinova designs and accessories are "Made In Italy".