Casamilano’s strength lies in its strategy of a cohesive concept of offering high quality design, elegance and functional furniture.

Casamilano’s choice of sagaciously mixed materials and sharp attention to detail produce unique objects for both the contemporary home and contract projects.

Casamilano collaborate with internationally renowned designers whose creative style corresponds with Casamilano’s overall vision.

These designs include armchairs, sofas, side and dining tables, chairs, cabinets, lamps and mirrors all painstakingly made in Italy by dedicated craftsmen.

Quality leathers, luxurious fabrics, hand worked wood and metal surfaces all add up to products that give this company a distinctive edge.

Casamilano was founded in 1998 by siblings Anna, Carlo and Elena Turati and made its debut at Milan Furniture Fair that year.

However, the Turati family has a long history in furniture.

In 1929, grandfather Carlo, with his sons, founded a handicraft business that soon developed into a furniture company. In the 1960’s, Carlo’s son Giuseppe, changed direction and created Tisettanta, which has gone on to become a successful Italian company internationally.

Upon selling Tisettanta, Casamilano was conceived and proudly proclaims itself "Made In Italy".